Studna View [download] is the exploring display for the Studna bioinformatics tools.
  • the estimations part is for 'by chance' occurrence probabilities
  • the incidences part is for display of actual occurrence frequencies
  • the sequences part is for visual search of particular sequences
Several key-bindings are available to export presented data into clipboard. You can use Ctrl-A for estimations and incidences when a data cell is focused. You can use Ctrl-V to paste it into a text editor or spreadsheat then.
    Copy of selected sequences that you can paste via Ctrl-V into an editor, can be done via:
  • Ctrl-C  for the whole selected area
  • Ctrl-R  for the rectangle specified by selection beginning and end, plus name lines
  • Ctrl-G  for just sequence parts at the rectangle set by selection beginning and end
Along with that, Ctrl-S at the sequences part can be used to highlight a found tuplet pair that is the first one next to the currently selected sequence region.
The Studna View is a script written in the Tcl/Tk programming language. It needs the Tcl interpreter to be installed. Both the Studna tools and the Tcl interpreter are open source software.